Minimote range issue after Hub update


I’ve started to have issues with my minimote after the recent ST Hub upate.
Before update I was able to control my hubfrom 10-15 meters.
Now even 5-6 meters is not enough.
What might have happened and what can I do to troubleshoot/solve ?


Just to be safe, I would try a z-wave repair first.

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I would try thatç But I don2t know how to put minimote into repair mode.
Does anyone have that knowledge ?

When you do a zwave network repair, you don’t have to touch the individual devices. It’s just a hub utility that you run. So it’s different from “re-pairing” an individual device. See the link @brianlees gave above for how to start the utility. It will probably only take about 15 minutes to run, but you may not see results until the next day.