Considering Migrating to V3

Long time V1 user here and my zWave network has had a lot of issues the past couple of years and I am at the point where I want to consider a rebuild. A few questions:

  1. Any other devices like the discontinued Minimote available to help?
  2. Do I add a new location and add the v3 hub to that?
  3. I assume if I add a new location, I need to reinstall all my smart apps?
  4. I use WebCoRE heavily. Can I do restores of my rule and just reselect my newly paired devices?

Any other tips are appreciated.

I think they added the ability to add two hubs to the same location a year or so ago but it may make sense to have two locations just to know where you are at in the process.

I think you are correct on the reinstalls, but at least you can back up your WebCoRE pistons.

I vaguely remember something about minimote making pairing easier but I don’t think the reason you needed it still exists… Refresh my memory here?

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The minimote just helps with range issues with switches being far from the the hub.

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That’s right. OK I’d honestly skip that. A range problem is a range problem.

Start with the room closest to your hub and work outward on the migration. Exclude, reset, join repeat.
Use the opportunity to reverify your mesh is solid. If you have an issue with a device not joining because of range you need a repeater. Period. I never liked the idea of short circuiting a range issue with a minimote because when you leave the minimote somewhere you have a range issue and you’ll have to be constantly rebuilding your ZWave mesh.

Now doing this in this manner WILL cause havoc in your old mesh because you’ll likely be taking out repeaters close ib to that hub. Just ignore it you’ll be excluding /resetting it soon anyway.

One of the reasons I am rebuilding my network is the general flakiness of my zWave network. I am not sure how much range has to do with my issues, but I figured the minimote would help me eliminate that and any other possible hardware issues with my v1 hub.

Then I wouldn’t mess with minimotes. Rebuild the mesh from the hub out with no more than 30’ between powered repeaters and it will become rock solid. If you’re going through the pain of migration, (and getting off a hub that’s no longer getting updated is one of the few reasons I consider worth the pain) might as well do it the right way.

My thinking was, it would help with the exclusion process, which is where I expect the issues. I’ve had some very strange zWave issues with my v1 hub such as devices mysteriously dropping off, inability to repair without multiple attempts, etc.

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You can exclude them from the new hub when you get it installed. Exclusion doesn’t have to happen from the original hub in Zwave.

I didn’t realize that. Thanks for sharing.

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Yeah it’s one of the benefits of Zwave - inherit a network that you don’t know where it came from and just install a new hub and use it to do general device exclusions everywhere. :slight_smile: