Minimote configured to push or text?

(Randy Miramontez) #1

I just received my minimote and am attempting to set up as a panic button, but I can’t seem to configure it to send a push message or a text message.

The buttons work and I can change modes with the button and turn things off and on, but I don’t see where I can configure a button to text me when it is pressed.

Any suggestions?



(Chrisb) #2

That might be a SmartApp realm… I don’t think Switch as Panic Button is a “standard” enough thing that it’s written into the ITTTBOW rules. But a SmartApp like this should be super simple if one doesn’t already exist.

(Mike Northrup) #3

I have my Minimote’s four “Press” buttons set to “Change to Home”, “Change to Night”, “Toggle Alarm”, “Turn on Sonos”. So, when I go to bed I press Button 2; when I wake up, I press Button 1 (this will, obviously, change modes which is necessary to activate/deactivate alarms and Sonos for the door sensors and motion sensors). If the alarm goes off when I’m asleep and Sonos, I can turn off the alarm with a press of Button 3. Then, I can put on my glasses, unlock my iPhone, wait for the 5 to 15 seconds for the app to be responsive, and check my house’s sensors.

This also works for the “panic alarm” you asked for. I don’t need push notifications/SMS if I’m home and the alarm goes off: I just want to be able to toggle an alarm.

Now I just have to explore some more to see if I can get the Minimote to toggle the Sonos. The SmartApp Button Controller only turns the Sonos on; I’d like a button to work like the Siren and act as a toggle.

(Mike Northrup) #4

Sorry, Randy, I didn’t thoroughly read your post. Like me, you can toggle modes/switches.

I don’t have an answer to your SMS/text question.


(Mike Northrup) #5

I spoke too soon. I just downloaded the Notify Me When SmartApp and set it up to send me SMS/Push notifications every time my alarm goes off. So, I now have a “panic button” to turn my siren on/off and, when the siren is turned on, I get a SMS and push message.


(Geko) #6

You may want to look at Smart Alarm:

Smart Alarm now supports remote controls like Minimote for arming, disarming and panic alarm. It can be configured to sent an SMS or push notification.