Change Arlo modes with minimote?

I have been trying to program my Aeon Minimote and I find the Button Controller smartapp to be a bit limited. It only gives me options for Lights, Locks, Sonos, Sirens, or I can set a Mode. I have other smartthings devices that do not fall into these categories, for example, I have Arlo cameras that I have integrated with Smartthings. I would like to be able to press a button on the minimote and have it disarm the cameras or switch to a different Arlo mode. I have tried several different ways and cant seem to get something like this to be a possibility. Anyone have any ideas?

if a routine can do what you want, you can trigger the routine with a button press. :sunglasses:

Use the “additional settings” towards the end of the setup wizard for adding a new routine, select “automatically perform” and then “button is pushed.”

Alternatively, With Core, you’ll be able to do pretty much anything SmartThings can do. :sunglasses: It’s just that the set pup is more complicated, although there are many community members who will be glad to help you with that.

Thanks guys. I know how to get the button to change a scene or routine, but I also cannot figure out how to make a scene or routine that disarms the cameras. I will have to check out this CORE deal when I get some more time. Thanks.

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I’ve changed the topic title in the hopes of attracting comments from people who have the Arlo. :sunglasses:

I’m new to Arlo, thanks to the recent deal @JDRoberts posted for costco members. But I’ll give this a shot.

If you just want to disarm/arm the ability for the camera to record (not necessarily change an Arlo Mode) you can have your routine triggered by the minimote turn on/off the Arlo through the exposed switch capability the camera has. Just remember to turn it back on later.

If you are looking for actual Arlo Mode changes I would suggest IFTTT - this is what I’ve done with mine. I typically leave Arlo in Armed mode. However, I’ve adjusted the camera position and the motion sensitivity for my needs. As you know, this means anytime it sees anything it records a 10 second video to Arlo servers and sends me a notification. There are times when I know people will be in and out repeatedly and/or heavy wind will cause unnecessary events for Arlo. So I’ve set up a virtual switch in ST that I use through IFTTT to arm/disarm Arlo. As best I can tell you can only ARM/DISARM. You can’t switch to a different custom Arlo mode.

So I disarm with this virtual switch - either via the mobile app or through Alexa. I have regular routines like Goodbye - that will auto rearm the Arlos if I happen to forget. The good thing about Arlo is that it doesn’t seem to need to be in “smart things” mode to trigger recordings through ST.

I have custom SHM Arlo recordings that only happen if I’m in certain ST modes.

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I do this as well, and have IFTTT send me a notification to confirm the operation (so I know the arm/disarm happens). Takes about 2-3 seconds normally to arm/disarm from the virtual switch via IFTTT.

You can then use the minimote to turn the virtual switch on/off.


Another good option for this is Big Talker - which is what I use. Since I have goodbye/goodnight routines correct the switch state if I would forget, I use big talker to confirm the change when I tell alexa to turn the cameras on/off.

Bonus tip - use Echosistant to use a password to turn the switch on/off.
Pro tip - set Echosistant to only require the password when in certain modes. This way, I don’t care if guests hear me turn the cameras off in home mode (no password required) However, a password is required in Guest, Away, etc modes when I’m not home. Since I’m the only one with the password, it’s good to go!


Well I have followed all the steps and got CORE up and running, however I find it very difficult and complex to use for my simple applications. I was able to create one basic piston, to unlock a door when my presence is detected, however I cant figure out how to do much else it all seems much more complicated than just using smartthings and the smartapps and ifttt. I do not have a coding background. Maybe in the future if CORE could adapt a more simple to use interface it would be able to be used by more people.