Mimolite for garage door and magnetic door contact

Hi @TurnOnMyMike, this is not a device handler issue, but something both Amazon and Google must address. This use to work with Alexa, but something changed with this a while back. All Alexa now says is “I’m not sure how to help you with that.”

Mine still works with my echo. I have the Mimolite set up as a momentary contact sensor

Hi @edden,

Mine is momentary as well, and it works with Echo; but not like it use to. I use to be able to say “open” or “close”, but now only “on” or “off” will work.

How are you controlling it with your echo?

EDIT: If you have Ask Alexa installed, you can say “Alexa, ask SmartThings to open (or close) my garage door”. I just tried that and it worked for me.

I have always said turn on garage door terminology. It never worked for me any other way and I am used to it now.

Once every 5-6 times I close the garage door, the app believes it to still be open. I then have to open it then reclose it from the app in order to get it to show the correct status. I’m thinking that the controller just isn’t sending the the updated status after it is closed.
Is there any way to force the device to resend the current door status? It looks like this is what the refresh button was supposed to do, but the refresh and configure buttons don’t seem to do anything.

Who’s DH are you using? Mine?

The Configure button does something, you just can’t see it except in the IDE’s live log screen. It configures the Mimolite’s parameters to what’s needed to work right. Nothing will be updated in the mobile app.

The Refresh button asks the device to refresh it’s current state, and that should be reflected in the mobile app, and in the IDE’s live log screen. If you’re using my DH, then the activity line should reflect a time stamp of when it was last updated.

I have had issues with my Mimolites, which were resolved with a firmware update that FortrezZ can you, but you need to send in your device.

Hey there everyone. I am trying to use the MIMO2+ to control a pair of garage doors and was wondering if anyone has done that already before I start trying to edit the code? Thanks!

Found the needed code and documentation finally, not on the product webpage for some reason so heres the link: http://www.homecontrols.com/homecontrols/products/pdfs/FZ-FortrezZ/FZMIMO2US-Guide-with-SmartThings.pdf

Works as expected but will be polishing the UI within SmartThings and changing names of switches 1 and 2 to be garage 1 and 2.

Cool. I’ve been eyeing this device for some time, so I’m curious to see how this turns out for you.

I do wish there was a way to split out the garage door open / closed statuses for alert purposes.

Is there an example of anyone doing that with a multi sensor with the motion / temp / vibration messages from a single device?

I figured out how to split the 2nd door open / close status off the device to run automations on it like alerts if open after dark etc. It’s in the original instructions linked above but I missed it the first time I set it up. It’s a great solution for separate doors on a 2 car garage!

This is really cool @AA-Ron, thanks for putting this DH together. I wish I had 2 doors to put this on, but alas my wife forbids me from modifying the house to keep adding new devices…

Hello AA-Ron,

Thanks for your effort on the Fortrezz MIMO2 DH. I’m new to Groovy and have been looking at the edited code you’ve provided. I’ve got a MIMO2 and 2 Seco-Larm garage door contact reed switches SM-226LQ. I plan on using the relay outputs and wiring them to a garage door remote to control 2 garage doors; reason is I have a Liftmaster and I’m concerned about running the relay outputs to the logic board and shorting them for door control… the garage door remote just keeps the systems separate. I’ve got a bench setup and it’s working with your code… thanks again.

However, on the screen, the tile for the doors status only shows the voltage across the signals, not the “CLOSED” icon seen in your screen shot. Also, you can see I changed some tile names when exploring your code.

Any advice or polished code would be would be greatly appreciated!

Any insight on your one post?
“I figured out how to split the 2nd door open / close status off the device to run automations on it like alerts if open after dark etc. It’s in the original instructions linked above but I missed it the first time I set it up. It’s a great solution for separate doors on a 2 car garage!”

If you have the MIMO2+ I believe you can use this https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-Window-Sensor-Magnetic-Recessed/dp/B00HR8CT8E/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1489602850&sr=1-1&keywords=wired+magnetic+contact+switch
on sig1 and sig2 connections and it should provide an open or closed circuit status. Something similar is shown in the Mimolite wiring diagram at the top of this thread.


First of THANK YOU for your awesome support in getting this to work! I love it and within 15 minutes was able to get the Mimo2 up and running (still need to install it on the actual Garage Doors). I am leveraging Alexa as my home automation interface. I am able to say “Alexa turn on Garage Door” and it does Relay 1 without any issues. How would I be able to add another device to enable me to have Alexa turn on/off Garage Door 2?

OK all I have now both doors working. As AA-RON mentioned if you follow the directions the MIMO2+ SmartApp creates the second relay. Now to see how to do automation based on if the door is open or closed. Fun times!

I am new to this whole Smartthings and coding thing. Thank you for this thread and support. No way I would figure out this stuff on my own.

So I have a MIMO2+ and 2 garage door openers. I found out my Craftsman openers are the “intelligent” ones, so the MIMO2+ isn’t working like I thought it would. I plan to solder some wires onto the button of a remote door opener and have the MIMO2+ just “press the button” for me (like teamstoney did).

Both contact switches and open/close buttons show up in the app just like AA-Ron’s picture above. The contact switches read correctly and the buttons operate the relays just like they are supposed to.

The main issues I have is, I can’t get a text from door #2. The app shows me both of them, but if I go into the Smart Home Monitor and try to set up a text for when the door is open or closed, it only shows me the MIMO2+ and doesn’t have it broken out to 2 individual switches.

I copied the smartapp.groovy code from the FortrezZ website, but it still doesn’t seem to work.

Anyone else with this issue? prayerfuldrop - how did you fix your issue?

I gave up and bought (2) GoLinear garage door controllers. They work without any issues or hassles. I do use RBoys DTH. I am now using the MiMo 2+ as a relay to auto start my cars.

Thanks for the response. According to the reviews on Amazon, the GoLinear controllers won’t work on my Craftsman openers. :frowning:

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They should. You can either connect them the same way as your internal switch relay is connected OR you can open your switch relay any hardwire the GoLinear to that. Shouldn’t be any issues unless your relay on/off switches are wireless and not wired.