Mimolite for garage door and magnetic door contact

John, I’ve added your latest device handler from Github for the Mimolite but am experiencing the same issues as the post from TurnOnMyMike. I haven’t decided if it’s every # of times or from when my door is actuated or from the wall button or the outside keypad remote but the device status seems to get stuck on “open” until I activate it from ST (and I believe then I have to wait the 32 min(?) before it figures itself out again. Oddly the car remotes don’t seem to affect it as far as I can tell.

Have you found a tweek you could suggest?

I am finding this to be an issue with the Mimo+2 period. I have the default DTH installed trying to leverage this as a relay for controlling a remote. It is inconsistent and I do not see any way to resolve response or refresh.

Mine has been working for a few weeks now. I couldn’t see the second door until I did the last step that somehow I missed. Had to go into the Marketplace, My Apps, and associate the B-Side to the Mimo2 device. After I did that, I can see both doors, get text messages if left open, etc.
The only thing I wish it did (and I may play with it at some point) is on the Dashboard tell me if the door is open or closed. Maybe incorporate the relay button to look different if the contacts are open compared to closed. As of now, I have to go into my Home button and into the device to see the contact state.
Oh, sometimes the button on my phone “sticks” in the pressed position for some reason. I have to press it again to “release” it. It does not keep the relay engaged though, so no harm to the opener or function of the door.

Thank you, everyone, for all the hard work you already did. I was just wondering, does anyone have a picture or diagram of how they wired MIMO+2 to their door openers?

Hello @AA-Ron

Love what you have done with the MIMO2 updates.

Would there be a link out there to your final code?



I think that’s what’s posted above? I haven’t touched this since then and it’s working as intended

On Feb 17th you mentioned you had figured out how to split the two devices but there was no code update posted.

Is that posted somewhere?



Oh … same code just something I missed in reading the setup guide

Thanks so much for the quick reply.

I plan to test install you code tonight!



i tried to cut and paste your modified MIMO2+ code from the forum above but keep getting errors when I try to create the DH.

I thing the errors are coming from my incorrect efforts to copy direct from the forum.

Is your code available elsewhere or on Github in RAW format?

Thanks in advance.



  • MIMO2 Device Handler

And the b side


  • FortrezZ MIMO2+ B-Side


Okay … got it working !!

After I Copied the code from the forum I had to search and replace the 21 left and 21 right quote marks with regular “ quote marks and then ST accepted it as a new DH without error.

Thanks again for the fast reply!


Hello, is there anyone who can direct me to the updated code for the “mimolite (ver1) with magnetic door contact”?

The status on mine is stuck in “Opening”

Thank you in advance!

Hi all
Have a mimolite garage door v1 controller And a monoprice contact sensor. The mimo is hooked up with sensor and relay and the monoprice sensor monitors the door going in to the garage. We recently moved and since then the mimo is not correctly reporting the open/close status of the garage door and the monoprice sensor isn’t reporting the status of the door into the house. Any idea what’s up with the mimo or any post-move related tips/tricks?

Having the same issue. Contact status is hit or miss for me. Been rock solid for years.

Hi, I am using this device handler with my mimolite to open/close my driveway gate and to see the readings from a wired magnetic sensor also going to the mimolite.

The handler shows the open/closed sensor correctly, I am able to open the gate by pressing the open button. I am unable to close the gate. I think that there is an issue with the length of time. The gate starts to close but after about 5 seconds opens again. Can’t figure out what setting needs to be adjusted in order to get the gate to close all the way.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


Mine has been acting funny too recently saying unavailable sometimes but I can still control it by pressing the button then status refreshes correctly too. Assume its on the samsung end since nothing changed on my end.

I had to re-add this device to my Hub today, and in looking at the original post the pasted code was not formatted right. Since I couldn’t edit it I deleted and am re-posting, as well as clarifying the steps:

  1. Add Hardware to ST Hub as normal (exclude first if needed)
  2. In the IDE, Create custom device handlers and Smart Apps as outlined here: http://www.homecontrols.com/homecontrols/products/pdfs/FZ-FortrezZ/FZMIMO2US-Guide-with-SmartThings.pdf
  3. In the IDE, Change your device handler for the physical device as indicated in the above PDF
  4. In the ST App add the smart app that was just created in the IDE and tell it what MIMO to use
  5. If you want to make it look like the image attached, paste this code over the original MIMO2+ Device Handler… https://gist.github.com/Aye-A-RON/d01c38f328b32bc241e4bfa2e7690dde

I used the setup recommended here for a long long time. Worked quite well for me:
Mimolite + Potter Amseco magnetic sensor using John’s DH. (Thanks!)

Recently my whole ST setup went to crap and helpdesk basically said “you need to fail forward onto the Samsung Smartthings app”. 40 devices later i’m up and running on the new app. Good/Bad/Indifferent I’m up and mostly happy.

However my big problem: My Garage door setup won’t work. I excluded the Mimolite, and rejoined it. I then went to the Groovy IDE and changed the DeviceType over to the custom DH. Before I swapped the DH I could hit the ZWave Switch and make the garage door open or close. However now it’s just a frozen tile. No status, no action. What is interesting is that following the DH swap I can see the sensor status in Groovy and it’s correctly seeing

Any thoughts or suggestions?