Migrating to new SmartThings platform

Hey all,

I recently migrated to the new ST app and have a few questions about migrating a few of my smartapps and custom DTHs to the new platform. I appreciate any insight on the questions below:

  1. Will the new platform continue to support groovy based smartapps or will they be deprecated? I’ve scanned the new developer documentation and it seems like ST is going the way of AWS lambda / webhook based implementations using webhook? Will I eventually have to migrate my existing groovy smartapps to the new hosting solution? After switching to the new app, I cannot access the settings of any of the migrated smartapps anymore, so not sure if I should take this as a sign that they’re going away.

  2. Will the new platform continue to support HTTP LAN devices? For example, I have a custom DTH that uses HubAction to send POST requests to a Foscam camera in order to control it. In the new developer documentation I only see the direct connected device type, which seems to only support MQTT?

  3. Are smartapp events sent using sendNotificationEvent() and custom device events sent using sendEvent() supported in the new app? I can’t find smartapp events anywhere and the history view of my custom DTH is empty despite having it sent several events. I guess this also ties into custom tiles which are also not showing up.

Sorry if the answers already exist in the forum somewhere. I’m pretty invested in the ST platform and would like to know whether my setup will continue to work or will require work to migrate. Thank you!

  1. I don’t know what ST has in mind in the longer term but it seems clear they don’t represent the future. Your installed SmartApps should appear when you choose SmartApps from the ‘hamburger’ menu in the app and their settings should still be OK.

  2. A directly connected device would interact with the SmartThings cloud itself. Your camera would be considered as hub connected. Last time I looked they only mentioned Zigbee and Z-Wave for hub connected, but I’ve also noticed the Developer Workspace seems to be getting a long overdue revamp to match reality, so maybe that will change.

  3. At the moment, my app isn’t showing any device history at all , either in on the main History page, or on device details. I’ve no idea why. It was fine, now it isn’t. So it might not be a good time to draw any conclusions in this area.

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Start with this megathread - most of your questions are addressed one way or another in there.

Thanks for the replies! I guess the best thing to do is to just wait and see how things progress.