Migrating to a new hub

Sorry to hear that Mark. I also have over 40 devices (a pretty good mix of everything), with routines, etc… setup in AMZ Alexa too. Not difficult to recreate, but a real pain to have to do, and time consuming. It would be great to have a migration tool to assist when upgrading hubs.

I guess I will keep my v1 hub until it stops chugging along. However, I just started to run into the “need v2 or higher hub” to support device. So, I may take
Your advice and stand two up and migrate slowly— though I’ve read some have run into issues doing this method.

Thanks for the response.


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I’m almost through a 60+ device migration from v1 hub to v3.

Once all devices are brought over, is there anything left to do? I’m trying to wean myself off of the ST Classic app, but know certain smart apps won’t come over.


Count your “behaviours”, when you hit the limit.

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Hi @GSzabados - I don’t understand. what does this mean?

That applies for the new App’s Automations. (Not Smart Lighting SmartApp or any other SmartApp)

If you do build Automations then count when you hit the limit. The 250 might have been increased already.

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I see. Thanks for the heads up.

I’m planning to use webcore for as many automations as I can.

It wasn’t as of two weeks ago. I finally hit it :confused:

The best is to keep all your Automations at the same place. Later it is hard to track them.

Agreed. Plan is to use webcore, unless there’s some reason why I can’t.

For years I’ve split my automations between Routines in the ST classic app and Webcore. I haven’t come up with a use case that webcore can’t meet though.

Only if you want to trigger things by GH or Alexa.

It’s also likely webCoRE will be going through a transition some time this year if a new version comes out built on the new Rules API. I would only put automations in webCoRE that can’t be handled by Smart Lighting or the automation creator in the new app.


There needs to be a migration utility. Any hub could start to fail sooner or later


@Inge_Jones, unfortunately, there isn’t any.

This particular user’s scenario included a failed hub. What if you have a V2 hub and want to upgrade to a V3 hub… Is there a way to easily migrate the setting from a fully functional v2 hub to a V3 hub?

No there is not

I do hope they come out with a migration tool. This is really needed.


I just got a new hub as the Zigbee wasn’t working on my old one. I really have to remove and add each device again? What about how Alexa and IFTTT integrates? and the smart lighting app?

My situation is that I have what appears to be a dead ST v3 hub and will need to replace it with another identical hub.

I’ve just logged into the web management interface and can see under each device that if I edit it, it is possible to change it’s “Hub” value. Wouldn’t this work in my scenario if I setup a new hub and then go in and edit each device, changing its hub value to the new hub name ?


I’ve read a similar thread some time ago, someone tried this and it didn’t work for them. The consensus seemed to be that one has to start over from scratch when getting a new hub

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