[Migrated to Custom Capabilities] Rooms Manager: Smarter Rooms: Personalized rules based home automation with rooms Occupancy sensing from devices you already have in your home

I shall do as you say Jedi Master :slight_smile:


thank you very kindly.

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@bangali aka Master Jedi :grinning:
I can confirm the lights went off at 04:58

04:42 Command on
04:47 Command on
04:52 Command on
04:57 Command on
04:58 Command off
04:58 lights off
05:02 Command off

I have reset to the Sunrise -20 scenario for tomorrow morning.

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w00t! :slight_smile:

@bangali and we score again, 2 for 2.

Lights went out at 05:02

04:51 Command on
04:56 Command on
05:01 Command on
05:02/Command off
05:02 lights off

I think this indicates you your new title can be kept, Jedi Master :slight_smile:


and @MichaelS released his new DTHs for the new GE switches with operating modes occupancy and vacancy.

you have the option of setting the operating mode of these devices to occupancy or vacancy from rooms manager thru rules. i will also add support for setting the operating mode to manual for these devices in the upcoming release for rooms manager.


@bangali Great work on this. I now have my office lights stay on whenever my PC is drawing over a certain wattage. No more blackouts to deal with while gaming. :clap::clap::clap:

I have one minor issue with the lighting rule though. I’m using Hue lamps through the Hue bridge and the colour for the lights is a little out. I have the rule set to change the colour to “Daylight-Energize” and the colour is really green. I’ve attached 2 photos I tried to lock the camera but my phone did not want to play ball so I know the images are subjective but its pretty close to real.

first up energize this is after the rooms manager turns it on

and this is energize through the hue app

I use webcore to control colour on all my lights and have had no issues (other than the “popcorn” effect) and i have full control of the light in smartthings to change colour and colour temperature.

this is the “default soft white” and the ST app reports that its 4000k activated by room manager and the device status in IDE


and this is after i manually change the colour temp away from and back to 4000k in ST app.


hope you can help with this sorry for the crappy photos


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thank you.

i think that is because i mapped those colors from values i found on the forums … may be they are not quite right. however i also need to switch the colors to using a full color map i included subsequently … taken from webcore … for rooms manager but never updated rooms child for it.

i will do so. meanwhile i think what you are looking for might be better accomplished by setting the color temperature in the rule instead of the color itself.

if you will set the color temperature to 4000 and remove the color from that rule … does it work as you would expect it to?

Yes if i remove the colour from the rule and set the colour to 4000k instead it works fine. That will teach me to read the screen i completely missed the option to use colour temperature.

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happens :slight_smile:

if you get a chance try the AL setting … that will auto calculate the level and color temperature maintaining better balance when playing games during the day vs at night. :slight_smile:

you have the option of controlling the range of both of those thru extensive settings under AUTO LEVEL 'AL' SETTINGS page.

Thanks I’m now experimenting with the AI lighting levels.

have I confused it with setting the sleep time after midnight? it shows the sleep time as already happened in the all settings.

theres soooo much stuff to play with on this (that’s not a bad thing by the way just a steep learning curve)

in the settings display it shows the value as entered. in the actual AL calculation I think I account for that.

give it a try. if it does not work will fix.

yes plenty of stuff … that’s why most settings are optional … so users can only use some or all. users seem to go from using occupied/engaged for lights on/off to progressively using more features as they get familiar.

I’ll see what happens once it gets dark tonight,

I’m only using occupied and engaged in my office at the moment with the power reading on the PC changing it to engaged while i figure out if it will work for the other rooms as i cannot get a smart socket on the TV as its hardwired so no plug.

I’ll get there though. no more testing this weekend though, off to a music festival.


for other rooms maybe using a combination of motion sensor and contacts would work?

nice … enjoy!

I’m loving this smart app. It’s probably one of the top apps out there in terms of pure functionality. That said, I’m having the issue with the adjacent rooms that is mentioned above where if I set a property in there, I can no longer save anything. It’s not a huge deal, but I would like to try it out as it seems like a really cool feature. Is there anything I can do to help determine the cause of the issue?

@bangali, need help with a use case… If I have a switch set to trigger asleep and another to trigger engaged. What happens if they’re both set on?

why? why would you do that to me? turn them one at time? please?

likely the last one wins. :slight_smile:

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thank you.

was trying to find the post you were referrring … not sure … would you please post a link?

Yeah thats the problem.

I set asleep… Rather, the virtual switch assigned to my sleep sensors does… The room goes dark, night lights turn on.

Then the wife turns on the TV… Which is the trigger switch for ‘engaged’


what if you use the power time range setting?

edit: nvm … if this is just a switch turning on that would not help.

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