Replacement for Routine Director?

Hello everyone. I’ve been searching for a replacement for Tim Slagle’s Routine Director for several weeks but haven’t had any luck. The old app can be found here but he doesn’t have it published to his master GitHub profile anymore. Tim formally said goodbye to the community a few years ago, so I don’t see this app getting updated for the new v3 app unless someone with more skills than I have updates it.

When using Routine Director with the v3 app, it only lets you choose from old v1 “routines”. Any new Scenes that I’ve created don’t appear as options. And since I can not edit any of my old “routines that are now scenes” I have to recreate them.

I’ve seen some people mimic the functionality of Routine Director using Automations, but they are creating separate Automations for “Home”, “Away” and “Stay” for EACH presence sensor. I have over a dozen (Life360) plus they don’t have separate Day / Night functions like Routine Director.

Is anyone else in the same boat? I’ve looked into attempting this with webCoRE, but it’s a bit over my head. Do I just need to rethink how SmartThings functions when people come and go from my home depending on the time of day?

Theres not anything identical, and most will suggest what you describe or WebCoRE to do it.

I’m using a Hybrid approach to get what I THINK you’re trying to do.

  1. Rooms Manager: Rooms Manager: Smarter Rooms: Personalized home automation with Occupancy

I use this component to manage occupancy status by room. It’s got tons of options - my use case is primarily makin gsure I can combine logic from doors, devices and motion sensors to get a good idea of ‘occupied’ in a given room.

  1. WebCoRE

The Rooms Manager Devices show in Webcore and you can trigger based on state. SO…

  1. Scenes

I use Webcore to resolve the matrix of what scene is appropriate for a given room in a given state when cross referenced with time of day.

Scenario: It’s 10A and my bedroom TV is on. The door is closed and I’m watching TV

The TV being on is an ‘engaged’ trigger for the bedroom and using Rooms Manager - because the door is closed and engaged happened with the door closed, the room will stay ‘engaged’ until the TV turns off or the door opens *which will recheck for motion

The room switched to ‘engaged’ the moment the TV turned on, (Harmony activity, the activity’s V-switch turns on)

WebCore is subscribed to the rooms occupancy state for the bedroom and notes Engaged - This trigger checks my Location Mode (I currently have 10, 2 of them are Away and Pause, the other 8 basically subdivide the time of day into logical units) At 10A the home is in Home mode, so WebCoRE (Using HTTP GET commands and the REST API - ( triggers my Master Bedroom Daytime Engaged scene - which contains all the correct lighting.

Complicated - and you need to do a LOT of upfront work, but gets me exactly what I want.
Also Rooms Manager is actively managed and @Bangali just made his first edits to try to make the rooms occupancy virtual device work in NewApp.


for rooms manager to add to the excellent summary @nathancu already provided above:

  1. rules manager that is built in to the app provides ST native support for turning on switches, setting color, color temperature and level of lights as well as supports turning off switches based on conditions like rooms occupancy, ST home mode, time of day, temperature, humidity to name a few. the advantage of using the rules manager is both a combination of the simple flexibility it provides in defining the rules and being able to optionally auto set light levels where the color temperature and/or level is auto adjusted based on time of day as configured in the settings.
  2. i will be adding scenes support in rooms manager as well so it can trigger any scene from the rule itself based on the conditions as described above. (only caveat is ST has to support setting scenes from apps which they are planning to but had not yet supported when i last checked.)

if you need any help getting up and running just ping me on the main forum thread for rooms occupancy or PM.

thank you.

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@nathancu Thank you so much! I think that you’re right - I should stick to a model just because that’s how I’ve been using SmartThings for the last x number of years.

I’d really like to dive into this today and over the weekend. Would you mind if I tried to mimic your Location Modes? How do you have yours broken down?

I think I’ll start with the master bedroom (motion, contact sensor at window, several lights) and start going room by room.

@bangali Wow, your app is impressive. I’ve seen your posts at the webCoRE community and was planning on checking out your app once I had finished migrating my settings over to the v3 phone app. However, I’m now thinking that the combination of webCoRE and Rooms Manager might be HOW I migrate over. To call Rooms Manager an app is a bit unfair; it appears to be so much more than that.


And he went and added direct scene control through his rules engine last night… Now he’s just showing off… :slight_smile:

Before you plan your how - take that into account, it would cut webcore out of my scenario above and use RM rules instead. (You can filter RM rules by locationmode)