Microwave motion sensor and FortezZ relay?


I’m tired of my crappy Aeotech multisensor 6 sending all sorts of false alerts or no alerts and or powering off for no reason. I have it usb powered and mounted outdoors to alert for motion after 10:30pm. I messed with all the available ways to adjust it and have several z-wave repeater plugs close. It’s never reliable. My question is could I use a wireless Z-Wave Multi-Input/Output Dry Contact Bridge in conjunction with a microwave based sensor to have more reliable motion detection on my driveway? Thanks for your responses in advance.

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The aeotec is not rated for motion outdoors. (See the user manual). It would be less expensive and easier to just switch to the zooz.

There are some other options discussed in the FAQ

FAQ: Do you know of an outdoor motion sensor?