Microwave exhaust fan that works out of the box?

Does anyone know/have any of the smart microwaves and can tell me if exhaust fan control is available to be smartly controlled? I have seen some of the DIY range fan controls, but am not looking to go that route. The current iteration of smart microwaves are quite lacking in that kind of documentation.
Specifically a micro range hood for over the stove.

I’ll admit, as a wheelchair user, I don’t follow built-in microwaves as a device class much as I can’t use them. So I’m not up on the details. :thinking:

I know Samsung has a number of “low profile“ built in microwaves that have a fan that you can control from the voice assistants, and that there is some level of smartthings integration with these, but I don’t know if they have exactly what you want.

@samsungzell may be able to find out more details for you

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Thanks for the response! Even voice integration would be a step closer. I can’t seem to find in the manuals what is actually controllable via smart features. It seems like some need to have the door opened and closed within X amount of minutes in order for things to work.

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Understood. I have two countertop microwaves (Toshiba and Amazon Basics) with voice control and both do require that the door has been opened and closed within a few minutes of accepting the voice command. I just don’t know if a fan control would be different as it doesn’t have the same kind of safety issues. :thinking:

So it looks like those new slim microwave range hoods do specifically call out fan control. I am going to go ahead and pull the trigger on this guy:

I’ll update down the road in case it helps someone else.


Hey there! @digital_janitor, Thanks for the tag @JDRoberts

You are correct that the model does have those capabilities, as well as the ability to integrate with Voice Assistants (Bixby, Google, Alexa).

Here is a screenshot of all the capabilities:

The models listed with ‘Smart’ in the title are the models that expose capabilities to the Smart Things Application. You can also download the user manual to find out what controls are available.

Here is the link to download manuals for products: Manuals & Software | Official Samsung Support US

Future Reference: I always recommend looking up your model code in ST App and downloading the user manual as a great way to confirm compatibility and that the capabilities meet your use case.

I hope this message finds you well!


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I ended up getting

The device does show up natively in ST, in app control and voice control works, though I am having trouble with automation and operating the fan. I did create a new topic for that.

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Anyone figured out how to stop “Food is ready” messages on the smartthings app for the Samsung microwave ovens? its soo annoying!!

The only way I have found so far is to disable ST notifications completely, which isn’t really an option. If you get a new samsung smart tv, you’ll also get a notification on that too, so not very thrilled.