Meter Reset for a ZWave Water Meter

I am trying to write a device handler for a ZWave Water Meter. I am using the Smart Things Classic IDE. It doesn’t have Water Meter as a capability, so I have it configured as a Power Meter, and I am able to get the current pulse count of the meter via

zwave.meterV2.meterGet(scale: 3).format()

I used the ZWave Tweaker device handler to determine the Meter Type is 3 and the scale is 3.

My issue is I haven’t been able to reset the pulse counter of the meter. I have tried zwave.meterV2.meterReset() but its not reset the counter. I suspect it has something to do with those commands are really for water meters and therefore the reset isn’t hitting type 3 scale 3 or something.

I know the raw zwave commands to send to do a reset, but I can’t find anywhere that shows how to send zwave commands other than those that are exposed via these standard cabilities.

any hits would be appreciated

If you’re using FortrezZ’s flow meter, you’re more than welcome to use my DTH as a reference as well as a SmartApp I use for resetting it on a schedule:



John, are you familiar with how to receive water meter info in the new Smartthings App? I have a foretrezz water meter but the consumption view was only available in the Classic App, now that its gone, I have no way to view my water usage. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @Jessica_Vincent1,

Take a look here:

FortrezZ Water Flow Meter

The new app won’t show you the same info and graphs like Classic did without a major rewrite, and then that still won’t return the graphs like Classic had.

That discussion is where you can find a lot more info regarding this device.