Fortrezz Water Flow Meter Not Working

I had purchased my Fortrezz Water Flow Meter a few years ago and I was able to track my water usage with no problem which allowed me to correct my water company on what they were charging me as what they were showing was a much higher usage. Unfortunately, even though the new Smartthings app allows me to add the Fortrezz Water Flow Meter in their application, it in no way works. The Smartthings app shows in it’s interface Battery at 100% (which there is none as it’s powered by a wall switch) Energy Consumption (which is not at all what is supposed to be monitored as it is a water consumption meter) Image Capture which shows that it is offline and is supposed to show as it did before the amount of water that is being used over a period of time, Temperature (Wasn’t shown before and is unneeded) and Water Sensor is listed as Dry (again, unneeded).

I would really like to have other users of the product chime in here and see if we can get this support as I have contacted both Smartthings Support and the Fortrezz developer and both seem to be at a standstill.

time to contact support and open a ticket, but be prepared to never hear back from them and the more you contact them the more they will ignore you.

Already had about two months ago but it’s going to take everyone in this community that has a Fortrezz Water Flow device to chime in here in order to get this changed. One user is not going to get their attention.

all the people on this forum are only a very small fraction of their buying base.

FYI, support for the new UI: