Meross WiFi RGB/RGBW Devices on sale (March 2021)

Meross are well engineered wi-Fi devices with good safety certifications and a decent smartthings integration so you won’t need any custom code. They have models which can work with both HomeKit and smartthings, which are the ones I usually get. They start out with very good prices and then frequently run discount or coupon codes in both the US and the UK. :sunglasses:

Right now they’ve got some deals on some of their colored light products which bring them down to the lowest prices they’ve ever had.

One of my favorites is a small tower table lamp. This has built-in LEDs, which give you night light level brightness, although once they burn out you have to give up on the whole unit. But they should be good for about 10 years if they’re typical.

400 lm, which is about a 40 W equivalent. There’s a touch panel on the top to turn on, off, or dim, Plus all the usual automation. Cool white/warm white options, along with color.

We have a couple of these and have found them very useful for notifications. I think they would also be perfect for a kids bedroom or guest room as there’s no issue With them accidentally turning off the current to the bulb. This would also be a really good choice for a “zoom meeting alert light” put on a small table right outside the meeting room.

At today’s price of $31, this is the least expensive it’s ever been.

It’s also on sale in the UK with a 15% off voucher. That model is a little dimmer at 300 lm, though. Still good for notifications or a kids room.

The 32’ RGB lightstrip is also at one of its lowest prices at $39. Note that this device does not have an adjustable white, unlike the table lamp.

There are other items on sale as well, just search for Meross.


@JDRoberts favorite lamp is back to $31 again - until 4/12/21

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And now it’s down to $29 if you stack two discounts. There is a coupon box on the product page: clip that for five dollars off. Then at checkout, use the following discount code:


This only applies if you are buying the lamp through Amazon from Meross direct. But it’s obviously a very good deal. :sunglasses: no idea how long it’s going to last, though.


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