Features that Don’t Have Parity with Classic [Feb 2021]


rooms are limited to 20


Can you create the automations on your phone, assuming that does have Geo location enabled, and then they’ll show up OK on your tablet? Or the tablet won’t load them at all?

sorry, corrected that… you can’t create automations that use location from tablet with geolocation disabled.

i can create them on phone and then edit them from tablet as long as it does not involve changing geolocation in that automation. you can edit actions in the existing automation.

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The workaround is to create the Room in the IDE, which is known as a Group. That’s what I’ve been doing:


Click on any group and look for this on the upper right side of the screen:


Just a thought…

This forum used to be about innovative new ideas on how to use home automation, how to realize cool projects with Smartthings.

Now it is all about how to fix and work around things that Smartthings broke or that will be discontinued.


There’ve been a couple of cool Work from Home project reports recently. @jody.albritton has a very cool one on Automations based on signing into zoom:

And a much lower tech option for a similar use case is the Meross RGBW table lamp, which I am really happy with. It has a press button on top of it, so you don’t run into any of the issues of someone turning off the current. And It has a manufacturer provided smartthings integration, so no custom code is needed. This is now my favorite choice for colored light notifications. The price is back up to $38 after the discount code is applied, but I think that’s still a good price to very easily solve the “on air“ notification issue. :sunglasses:

Actually, as I think about it, you could combine these two and have Jody‘s project turn on the Meross light. :thinking:

So there are still some good forward-looking “this is cool“ home automation projects being posted, but definitely the percentage is down.

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Another broken thing: not all lights are recognized as lights, even though their color can be changed in the ST apps. Can tell by which lights have a bulb icon vs switch. The switch type lights cannot be used in the new Samsung UI 3.1 that allows the phone’s alarm to turn on lights.


Room/device order lost every time app is logged out of. Of course there’s no reason to log out usually but occasionally it just happens or Support tells folks to log out and reinstall …


Item no8

Fibaro RGBW controlers
The original app had 3rd party created DTHs created back in 2016/17, these integrations exposed ALL of the devices configurations and options, some of us went to a lot of trouble and cost installing and integrating lighting based on the reliability of the product AND control from Smartthings

The DTHs created can no longer receive updates to this version of the smartthings app, the creators as far as I am aware are no longer available, Fibaro are not interested in creating integrations which leaves users with little control of the RGBW controlers

I agree manufactures create device integrations and ST are not responsible but on this occasion ST are fully to blame for the loss of control and as such It would be reasonable to request ST to look at the DTH created by @codersaur and to update it to current standard so we can regain control of our previously reliable devices

codersaur/SmartThings 3

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Fibaro is a company I wouldn’t support. They don’t care about providing software support, only hardware.


Me too i have already started removing their devices from my ecosystem

This one is finally added to the new app


This works now too


Was the matches (equals) option there before? I think this also new.

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Thanks! Does it work for doors unlocked as well?

would love to check, but the app just logged me out :rage:

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Looks like it.


Awesome! :sunglasses:

I have updated the community FAQ:


This appears to be a part of a large update to the Rules API to add a remains condition. I haven’t tested it yet, but it may also solve this discrepancy :arrow_down:

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Let’s hope they keep stuff coming.

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