Meross Wi-Fi oil diffuser mod100

Anyone got this working with SmartThings?
It’s listed as SmartThings compatible.
I have installed the linked service.
But the device does not appear .
The manual suggest a smart app gets installed but this didn’t happen for me.
Any ideas?
Note… these screenshots are from the instructions, not SmartThings wizard

Look in the Devices section, click on the Home icon in the upper left of the screen and check under No Rooms assigned or All devices

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I’ve done that, unfortunately no device appears :frowning:

One more place to check…

Menu > settings > Linked services and click on Meross and see if it is listed.

If not, contact Meross support from the Meross app and ask if that device does link to ST. They generally respond in a day or so.

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Tried that, it just shows that the service is linked
Does not show the linked device.
Linking with Alexa works fine, the device appears as a type of light, but can be controlled and spray intensity adjusted and ambient light all from within Alexa app and by voice.
Just not from SmartThings as the device does not show.

I bought this because the Amazon listing for it shows as compatible with SmartThings, having said that SmartThings is not printed on the box it came in…

Contact Meross support and see if they do support the integration for it or plan to.

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Cheers, I’ve sent an email enquiry

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Update on this.
When i raised the query with meross they intially said the Mod100 oil diffuser device was supported on SmartThings.
But after a couple of updates they came back to say it was no longer supported and the fact the images on amazon showed the smartthings logo was a mistake.
Sounds like it was supported but no longer is.

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