Meross Surge Protector MSS425 ST integration?

Just pulled these3-Outlet and 2-USB port smart Wi-Fi surge protector from amazon and wanted to know if anyone has put together a ST interface for this thing. Or can one advice me on how get this tied in (other than the usual install their app and configure an IFTTT)

Ditto to that. Great quality device, app works flawlessly and IFTTT as well. Set up with both and controlled mostly via Google Home, for $30 a total steal considering you can separately control each outlet as well as the USB ports. If there is a way to integrate it into Smartthings then it would be perfect.

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Meross is confirming Smartthings and Nest compatibility soon.

It’s said soon for a year. I don’t think it’s coming.

I’ve been asking their support for updates over the months, and although they still haven’t got their own device handler, they did point me in the direction of this usage of the Meross API done already in Python at:

If someone can port from python to groovy, we might be able to get these working in Smartthings!