Meross smart plugs

Hallo i how multiple smart plugs of meross in my house with work great with google assistant / google home.
I can send voice requests to my google nest hub 2e gen to switch on and off the plugs. I can’t find any commands for turning on a plug for a example 1/2 hour. Is there any one with has experians with these commands.
Please let me know.

You could do this with a ST routine, if device remains on for 30 minutes - turn device off. You can also do scheduling in the meross app or Alexa (probably the same with google home but sorry I don’t use it).

Can you please explane st routine how this works with voice ?
I know how it works inside the meross app that works but with voice :slight_smile:

I don’t use google home but with Alexa if the device is called “joe” you can ask “turn on joe” or “turn off joe in 30 minutes”, anthing like that. In ST you could setup a routine to turn off automatically if it remains on for a certain time, no voice input.

Maybe I don’t understand what it is you are trying to achieve but Meross integrates well with ST and Alexa so devices work like any others.