Meross Outdoor WiFi plug $16.99 (integration through IFTTT)

Amazon has several MeRoss WiFi products on sale as deals of the day today, 12 September 2019. Integration through IFTTT.

As I’ve mentioned before, these are some of the better engineered Wi-Fi devices with good safety certifications including ETL for the outdoor pocket socket. The outdoor plug has two independently controlled receptacles and an IP44 Weatherproofing rating. Works with Alexa or Google assistant.

As I’ve said elsewhere, I generally prefer other protocols to Wi-Fi for home automation, but having the additional range can often really help if you’re trying to reach an outdoor or outbuilding location.

So especially at this price, I think this one is worth considering. :sunglasses: I find the Meross wi-Fi devices to be much more reliable than WeMo, FWIW.


( I did want to note that there are some one star reviews that say this device worked great for five or six months and then stopped working. That hasn’t been my experience nor the experience of most of the reviewers.

I did notice several of the one star reviews indicated that they had not mounted the device as the manufacturer recommends, which is pointing down. This helps keep water out of the unit. One reviewer, for example, mentioned that he had mounted it upside down under the eaves.

Mine is inside a protective box, so that may make a difference as well.

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