Meross Outdoor Smart Dimmer Plug

Now available on Amazon $20.99 for both Homekit and non-Homekit versions.

Note: this price is a limited time deal

If they are the same price, any reason not to get the homekit version? I don’t use homekit, but seems would make sense to get it “just in case”.

Very rare to catch them at the same price… usually the homekit versions are $8 more or so.

But Black Friday is coming soon. You may (or may not) get it at a similar or lower price. A risk indeed… so do you feel lucky?

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Actually, I do feel lucky, but pseudo related reason. While I was reading about the 2 different switches I remembered I found really cheap Jasco zigbee dimmers on ebay used a couple months ago. I wanted them for indoor Christmas lights so don’t need the outdoor rating. Although just dawning on me I wonder if they will have an Edge driver.

I would lean towards the possibility of Matter

What makes you say that? Thinking these old devices won’t get a driver, just easier to connect the Meross devices over Matter, or something else?