Meross outdoor 3 socket plug $15.79

clip $4 coupon + promo code: OOPZWOVI = $15.79

i must admit i like Meross products. i only hope they offer a homekit version of this product in the future.

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I want something like this for outdoor Christmas lights. And I am sure I could find this answer with a little research, but which is better, Wifi, Z-wave or zigbee control?

i am sure everyone will have different experiences. i have had those GE/Jascoe z-wave outlets in the past and they were constantly falling off requiring a reboot of the device or resetting to get them back on-line. since switching to wi-fi outlets a few years ago… first with Kasa and now with meross, i have had no issues. they consistently work and online.

I generally avoid trying to use any wifi-dependent smart stuff, but I gotta admit that I’m impressed with Meross…

I use their outdoor plug (2-plug version) and MSG100 GDO unit in my detached garage, and they both work like a champ - even in the cold MN winter here… Neither one gets a super great wifi signal, but they still work just fine. Meross makes solid stuff and it’s all reasonably priced - thumb’s-up!

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I can’t get my meross to show up in smartthings (followed all the steps that I can find); otherwise I like my meross outdoor wifi plug. First one fried from lightening strike; not its fault lol.

Each has pluses and minuses, so it depends on tiny details of the use case. And, yes, it’s been discussed many times before in the forum, so I don’t really want to go into all that again. :wink:

Shortest answer: it doesn’t really matter most of the time. WiFi has the best range and strongest signal, So it’s often a good choice for outdoor applications unless you need a repeater of one of the other protocols. But it does use more power than the others and take up a slot on your router, so there are also reasons not to use it in some situations.

Here’s one of several threads discussing the issues:

Any drawbacks to using WiFi light switches instead of zigbee/z-wave?

And here’s a technical discussion. It’s from six years ago, but it applies.


model number of the device? have you tried going to menu > settings > linked services > open the meross integration and click done? or removing the integration by left swiping on it and reconnecting . of course this option removes all your meross devices and any automations they are associated with.

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Any trick to getting the promo code to work? I says it cannot be applied to my purchase. I have the 2-outlet Merross and it has been working great for landscape lights. This one would be a nice addition for my Koi pond.

the meross codes tend to not work from time to time… annoying

Blockquote - MSS620US.

I haven’t tried it in a while, as it had failed to take earlier. Tried connecting again today and…it worked! Sweet. Been wanted my outdoor lights on STs.

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One other consideration that I’ve not seen in the other well written posts- is how well does the network deal with updates/ changes. I’ve got less experience than some others on this topic, but I did successfully port Zwave/Zigbee from Wink to ST about 9 months ago with no protocol related issues for Zwave/Zigbee. This weekend, I upgraded my Wifi router with the same SSID and security key. In the past this has worked well, not this time- and that is with few smart home devices attached (unclear where sonos and LG thin Q stand on being considered smart home). But that process, which is not quite completed, is a good exercise in lack of future proofing- even though in theory all of this should have been seamless. I’m glad I only had 20 or so Wifi clients and not 70 as I have with Zigbee/ Z wave.

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