Meross native Integration

Hey guys, just got a couple of refurb units and am in the process of setting them up (I noticed one is “Refoss” - looks like the same company but different labeling). The process to link Meross and ST is weird but seems to work OK in the new ST app. I’m still used to the old app and prefer that but noticed the Meross devices don’t show up initially (they show up as a missing tile item). I went into the IDE to modify the “placeholder” item and assign a device ID and type and then the devices showed up as expected, however they don’t appear to be controllable.

Has anyone gotten this to work in the ST classic app yet?

They won’t work in the classic app. This kind of integration requires the new platform.

I have the meross outdoor smartplug (2 outlet) model MSS620US. When I try to add the meross account and hit authorize it doesn’t do anything. The only time I got it to do something…it removed all of my other devices from their assigned rooms in to outdoors and didn’t add any meross devices. IDE showed my hub in error. So, I rebooted and removed Meross from connected services (even though it was in connected services it still wanted me to authorize the account but hitting “authorize” after inputting credentials never went any where). scared to try again and have to reassign rooms on all my other devices.

Don’t know if this will help but it worked for me, i have st and stc i deleted merros from stc as above went back to st hey its working fine

I’m in the same boat as the people who have random disconnects of all devices. Everything runs fine and one day you toggle something, the toggle works, but the state doesn’t change and then everything is broken.
It seems to break whenever a meross device gets controlled from outside of ST. For example at first it was happening because I had a socket with a schedule from the Meross app. I moved those to the ST app. Then it happened after a GH voice command to toggle a device. So I ported the devices to GH from smartthings instead of using the meross integration for GH. Now it’s happened again, after the internet went out in my house. If it happens again without the internet going out then all my theories are bunk and I’ll need to resort to extreme measures.

Extreme measures will be completely disconnecting Meross from ST and using virtual switches that send IFTTT commands to my Meross devices.

Does anyone else have clues what could be causing this? Is there somewhere where we can report this issue and have the people at Meross/ST look into it?

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Okay yeah nevermind, it just randomly breaks. Nothing triggers it, nothing can stop it from happening, it just breaks on its own. I’ll have to create virtual switches and bind them to the Meross devices using IFTTT. It won’t be clean or as fast, but it won’t randomly break.

Update: This was actually pretty easy to do and works well:

  1. Make a virtual switch, go to Connected Services, IFTTT, and make sure to include the new virtual switch so that IFTTT can access it.
  2. Then go to IFTTT and make an applet for when the switch is switched on, turn on Meross device, and when the switch is switched off, turn off Meross device.
  3. Optionally go to Connected Services and expose the virtual switch to Google so that you can control it with your assistant. Remember, you’ll need to then remove the Meross integration in GH so you don’t have duplicates.
  4. You’re done. Add automations to your switch, control it with voice, buttons, or just from your phone. And no more random disconnections from Meross.

Awesome, I was facing the issue when I cannot see my Meross smart plug in ST App. Then I just followed your suggestion by re-authenticating it in the App and it’s now working fine.

Thanks a million.

I contacted Meross to let them know of the issue and this is what they wrote back:
We are sorry for the trouble happened, honestly we also noticed this issue, and our RD team is working on fixing it. Meanwhile, please know that Smartthings has two coding system and we are trying to integrate meross to the new system which might be time consuming.

So they’re looking into it, which is good.

But in the meanwhile, if anyone is annoyed by this issue, just set up your devices into ST using IFTTT and virtual switches like I describe in my previous post. It works great!

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I’ve been looking everywhere for this option of “Services” to disconnect the Meross and reconnect again. Thanks for calling it out! it was a life saver! Removing the service and re-doing the process again helped.


This may just be superstition, but my experience with the Meross devices has been good. My experience with the smartthings integration has been OK, but I find that I do have to disconnect and reconnect the integration pretty much every time Meross updates their app to add a new device model there. Most likely that’s because it backend platform changes, not the app changes themselves.

I have not had the issue that some other people had of Meross reconnection shuffling around all my SmartThings devices into new rooms, so I don’t know what to say about that.

@JDRoberts I also tried to find some pattern to the service disconnects but at the end of the day it was seemingly random. Certainly happened more often than every app update, for me it was at most 2-3 days without issues. On the other hand, since I set up my Meross devices as virtual switches powered by IFTTT, the only issues I’ve had have been due to internet/power outages.

@Cybersurfer next time the service breaks for you, try this instead of deleting it - simply click the service and then keep pressing the ‘next’ option on the bottom right until it is finished. This way you re-apply the service instead of deleting all the devices and messing everything up. And you don’t even have to enter any credentials or anything.


Had similar problems. My fix is to delete the Meross Smartapp in ST Classic app, go back to ST new app and reinstall Meross sockets as per instructions. All appear in ST new app. Go to ST Classic --> Manage Favourites, activate the Meross devices - sorted. The trouble starts when you restart the Smartapp in Classic, so don’t. Otherwise the sockets work great - set timers in ST new app no problem. Control on/off from both apps and Meross app. Great product, great price

UPDATE - no longer working! The MEross app works fine on my two plus but ST no longer controls them - if you click on the plug in ST Classic to switch on it shows the icon with a message “Turning On” and then doesn’t. I’ve deleted the Smartapp in Classic and reinstalled the plugs in ST new app and everything now works OK. Will update further …

PS just been having a read of some of the other posts here so see also @pavichokche above for similar issues and potential fix

I’ve been messing with this for quite a while, there really is no permanent fix, other than @pavichokche 's workaround of using a virtual switch. Contacted Meross tech support twice and received no response. In my case, the plugs would stop working properly everyday late in the evening. I have 24 of these switched that I bought during a sale, sad.

The fix is coming, according to Meross, until then just take about 20 minutes and configure them all as virtual switches.

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Thanks Herman

One consistent issue I have found: if a Meross device needs a firmware update, it will still work with HomeKit, but SmartThings will Say it is offline and won’t do anything with it. :disappointed_relieved:

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Anyone still using the native integration, are you still getting constant random disconnects?

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Meross support says they’ve submitted an “update” to Samsung which is supposed to fix the issue but they don’t have an ETA for when Samsung will publish the update. It was mid-July when I received the response. I opted not to wait and switched to the virtual switch route and am so far quite happy with it, just a slight delay from the clouds.

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