Meross garage door opener status problem!


I got an e mail from Meross which i want to share with you

Dear Can Saraç

We encountered the same problem when use smartthings app to control the garage door. Don’t worry, we have noticed the issue and our team will feedback this issue to smartthings, hope the issue will be fixed later. (17.08.21)


Hi all, i am using meross garage door opener for somtime. I bought esspicially for smartthings, paired easily, works well HOWEVER

Problem is, its showing “closed” condition after immidiatly i push the button to close the door. So its saying closed way before it closed,

Interestingly when i refresh after it say “close”, it return to “open” and status not show close until the door close.

For manuel open , when i open from key or original button of device smarttings show that its checking contact sensor situation (shows correct status i meant…).

So basicly smartthings not checking the “status of contact sensor” it checking if i click the button, when its used on the smartthings app.

Its shows me that there is a handler error however i dont know how to solve that,

To just not it, you can add meross product from smartthings app, i didnt coppy paste or create a handler or somthing like that

Thanks in advance!

I am putting the video of the issue i record about…

Can Saraç

You should contact Meross support as they own and maintain the integration with SmartThings. They generally respond fairly quickly to questions.

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Ok i sended hope they can solve!

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