Meross MSG100 not triggering scene

I’m trying to get my Meross MSG100 to change the color of an Inovelli dimmer LED. For instance, if Garage Door Open, Change Dimmer LED to Red. I haven’t been able to get this to work. I think the issue is that the Meross never broadcasts that the garage door is open/closed. I see in the history of the device on the IDE that it shows Open/Closed, but I don’t see any activity in the Live Logging. I’ll also note that the Type is listed as “Placeholder” and I don’t see a Meross specific device to select. I’ve read that folks have created virtual switches, but those threads are almost 2 years old. Hoping since everything else seems to be working ok within smartthings, it’s just an issue with how I configured it.

Placeholder is normal for the newer cloud-2-cloud integrations that are not based on grooovy.

First thing to test. Open or close the msg100 (garage door) from the meross app. Open the ST app to check if it reflects the current status of the device.

If the status is not correct… go to Menu > setttings (the cog) > Linked Services > find meross and open it and click Done. That should sync the connection between Meross and ST. Test again… open or close your device from the meross app and see if has the current status in the ST app.

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The device is synced with smartthings. Closing it from the hardware wall button, the smartthings app or the Meross app is all reflected and sync’d properly in smartthings. The issue is that I don’t see any report of the garage door Open/Closed in the Live Logging (and I think this might be the issue). However, in “List Events,” the Open/Closed status is displayed and accurate.

Are you using routines or some other method?

I would suggest not going by what you see in IDE logging. I am not even sure non-groovy devices are even being reflected there anymore. There are many users who can’t even see events for their phone presence in IDE.

IDE is on its way out when groovy is no longer supported on the ST platform. A better place to look is to open the device in the ST app and clicking on History.

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Using Routines. I tried to use the Smart Lighting app, but there was not an “Open/Close” sensor that I could select (meaning the garage door sensor is not considered a device capable of representing “Open/Close” status. The history of the device also shows all of the Open/Close activity and is represented accurately.

Yeah… not a good idea to use smart lighting at this point as it will be phased out when groovy support ceases on the ST platform.

If you change the routine to turn on a light when the garage door opens… does that work? Remove the color change for now as you are just testing.

There was a user a couple of weeks ago where color change did not work for them in routines so possible it is a routine issue. In which case, you should report it to ST support. Or related to changing color with Inovelli.

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Bingo! The routine works and is triggered when I change it to just the turn the light on. I’ll reach out to Inovelli now and see if they have any thoughts.

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So folks at Inovelli helped out. I had to set up a Child Device Notification for the LED. Quoted below:

"If you are on smartthings, create a child device for the LED notification.

Add 2 automations (or whatever ST is calling them now)

Garage door opener open

Turn on child device for Notification

Garage door closed

Turn off child device for Notification"

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