Meross integration Garage Door opener refresh

Is anyone using Meross msg100 garage door opener with meross integration? I am finding that the open or close position does not immediately reflect on the smarthings app unless I pull down on the device page to refresh the device.

It seems to be instantaneous on the meross app, but no refresh on smartthings unless done manually. This is a concern naturally for routines that depend on the device state. Any ideas?

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Have you tried a test routine to sense the device state and, say, turn a light on or off? It may be simply screen refresh of the app isn’t instantaneous, but the status is reflected correctly. Just something to try…

quick question… are you looking at the Meross Garage opener in the app and not your old MyQ Garage Door Opener which may have the MyQ polling?

Thanks yes. Based on some other findings I reluctantly unlinked and re linked the integration which seems to have fixed the issue.

Downside is all the routines pertaining to any meross devices are now disabled and need rebuilding- but atleast the refresh issue is solved. Thanks again.

Problem is back again. Status in smartthings seems to be wrong and out of sync with the meross app unless manually refreshed (pulled down) in smarthings app. Is anyone else seeing this or have a fix?

You can use SharpTools to do automated refreshes. I use it for my Honeywell T5 wifi thermostat that only updates a few times a day.

Wow. Super helpful, I didn’t realize that. Will actually explore that for a couple devices where I would like more regular updates. TY.

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