Meetup in NYC on 2/12

I’m hosting a meetup in New York City next Thursday, 2/12 starting at 6pm EST.

RSVP here:

We’ll be hanging out, talking shop, and enjoying dozens of beers at District Tap House:

We will have a table reserved and I will bring some swag, so come hang out!

Will try my best! Is @April coming… We are all very anxious to meet her.

When is the next (first?) bay area meetup?


:frowning: No, unfortunately I will not make it to this one, however I’ll possibly be showing up to future ones.

My heart is so broken! :wink:

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Pinned for visibility until event is over. Come hang out with SmartThings! :slight_smile:

Hey guys! Who else is coming to this meet? Will take the second half off to be there! Please do show your face…will be nice to meet some cyber friends as such I am half disappointed with @April not being there… :frowning:

Don’t be disappointed! I’m infested and full of the plague called the “common cold/flu” Nasty bugger. It’s best I don’t go and spread this to everyone else!

Anything for you… Aah! My poor heart! As such we were not going to be contact sensors. Right? :wink:

While waiting for a SmartThings group, consider the agnostic “Home Automation San Francisco Meetup” on We’ve had a few good meetings, but are working on a mission / framework for future Topics.

This is a regular get together for anyone interested in the use of technology for home automation. I’m fascinated by how technology is changing our home environment and want to bring together like minded people in the San Francisco area