Boston IOT Group - Start

With Amazon Echo, Google Home, SmartThings and more I found a great interest here in Boston. I would like to organize an online group with maybe a monthly meetup with show & tell of new products in action.

Please contact me if you are interested in arranging something like this.


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Boston checking in here. An IoT meetup would definitely be fun and a great way to brainstorm new ideas… not that I don’t have enough to do already. :slight_smile:

Ditto. Not sure I’d find the time, but I’d be interested if I could.

Yes, I am interested for sure, doing new construction right now so throwing some new idea around would be cool

Online is great, but meeting up " in Boston" would all depend on what you define as " in Boston". As far as I am concerned 128 is the equivalent of a " Do Not Enter" sign unless I have the misfortune of having to pick somebody up at Logan, or tickets to Fenway. ( Fenway = I park at Riverside ( see don’t go past 128 ) and take greenline into the park )

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I would be in for this.

@RLDreams lol Riverside is barely even a tip-toe across the 128 belt. You walk your talk about avoiding “the city!”

FWIW, I’m inside the 128 and can get anywhere that’s T accessible. How about other folks?

Had to drop the son and DIL @ Logan 2:30 this am, so T was not option. As always Ted Williams was closed coming back out, Just a line of cones across the ramp from airport ( 20 million dollars and 20 years later damn hole is still closed every time I have to use it ) so back around the loop again and through the old tunnel. then 15 u-turns to get back on Pike out of Dodge. I love wandering around East Boston at 3AM . :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

Sorry, if you’re not part of the SEC then you might as well just leave the planet.

@RLDreams Wandering around East Boston at 3 am is waaaay better than doing it during rush hour. I live about 2 miles from work near the downtown area, but the commute can be over an hour if I catch the wrong bus.

In any case, activity on this thread quieted down a bit. Is there still interest? Would meeting in the Fenway area be worth doing? If Fenway is not central enough (or generally too inconvenient), is there somewhere in the Newton/Riverside area we can meet at?

If it weren’t obvious enough by my screen name, I’d be interested.