Maybe a long shot - "sense-controller"?

I have a device that was added the last time I did a “scan for nearby devices” and a “sense-controller” device was added. The setting are asking for my username and password similar to have the MyQ integration works, but I cannot figure out what it is for.

Does anyone even have an idea what it might be? Does it sound familiar to anyone? It registers as a hub and not a device.


I am aware of two home automation devices that use the sense name. :thinking:

The first is the sense energy monitor. But if you have that, you probably know it.

The other is a new nanoleaf Matter over Thread device. If you or one of your close neighbors has this device, it’s possible that it would show up as an automatic suggestion if you have either Google Home, or a Samsung Galaxy Device.

Awesome ideas - thank you!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the sense energy monitor, and I don’t use any Google or Samsung devices in my home (other than SmartThings of course).

I will remove it, but it seems weird to me. I thought that maybe it was a new Smart energy utility monitor that Xcel Energy was supposed to be installing around us, but I don’t think that is the case.

I do have the Aeotec energy monitors installed on two panels, but those already have the Edge driver so that also shouldn’t be it (also they are Z-Wave).

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It looks rather like the Edge driver from this:

[ST Edge] Sense Energy Monitor [BETA] - Devices & Integrations / Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community

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Definitely does - I guess I won’t try to add someone elses Sense Energy monitor LOL.

Edit: Uninstalled the Brbeaird Edge driver and it went away. Whoops!

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