Sense - New Power Monitoring Product

Has anyone been following this new power monitoring product called SENSE? Looks like an interesting device that may have smartthings developers drooling for integration to me.

Seems very overpriced compared to Chai energy. Granted Chai needs to tied directly into the utility company’s website for data validation.

I’ll stick with my method, though they do present it well in the app!

Pre-order = vaporware.

Until you can actually install it, it’s all just marketing. There’s no telling what actual features will be delivered. Or when.

Curb is a very similar device that exists now and has SmartThings integration if you’re interested in that kind of data.


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I just receive my Sense and hooked it up yesterday. It’s learning now. Anxious to see the results and would love to have this integrated into SmartThings.

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I am curious to hear your findings.


Anyone have opinions on this? I just got an electric vehicle and my electrical usage doubled, so I need to now determine why. I know others have used Nucleus here as well.

I used the Eagle Energy Gateway, it allows me to monitor the energy usage of my ELR and Model X. Also intergrates with SmartThings and its fairly cheap

I got a sense and it seems pretty good (although it takes a while to learn devices).

Has, can, anyone try and integrate this into ST?

Would like to hear comments from anyone using any of these systems. Do you actually get any benefit from them? Do they integrate (locally) with SmartThings?

I use it with SmartThings (via IFTTT) to indicate when the Dryer has finished. Works well for this.

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We use a similar product In our home at India called Ohm Assistant. It helps us to monitor the power consumption of our home devices in real-time on our smartphone. The best feature that we found about this is that it alerts us when there is an electric surge.