Max wattage for smart outlets?


Hello, I noticed there are 2 outlets available on the small appliance outlet can carry loads up to 480 watts and there’s another outlet for larger appliances (the more horizontal outlet). What is the max watts for the latter outlet? I have a 1200 watt appliance I’d like to smart control. Thanks!!


Depends on the type of motor the appliance has, the plug-in is rated for a 1/2 hp motor or 1800 W max. (Make sure you get the appliance plug in, not the dimmer module.) If you’re in the US, there should be a UL plate on your appliance (it’s Often underneath) which lists both the required amps and the motor power.

BTW, that same GE model is very popular, many retailers will carry it. The description may say “wink hub required” but the SmartThings hub also works with this model.


The SmartThings one (same as Centralite) can do 12A, or 120V*12A=1440W.