Plug in dimmer >300 watts? (Incandescent)

(Jason P) #1

I have been searching for hours, does a “smart dimmer” that handles more than 300 watts exist? I’d prefer 500 watts but 400 might get the job done?


(Nigel Linnett) #2

The GE Zwave dimmer handles 500 Watts.

(Warning, canadian link)

(Jason P) #3

Thanks, but I’m looking for a plug in summer, not a wall switch.


There are several wall switches that can handle it, and there are lots of plug-in on/off switches that can carry higher loads, but I’m not aware of any plug-in pocket socket dimmers that can go above 300 W in the US.

(Jason P) #5

Any examples of the plug in on/off products? I’m having trouble finding those as well.


Anything that’s called an “appliance module” typically can handle a higher load, usually between 600W and 1800W. ( again, just on/off, no dimming.) There are lots of them. They’re intended for small appliances like a blender or a hairdryer, but work fine with a plug-in lighting fixture. Just check the exact specs on any model that you’re interested in.

Here are some. Look under “lighting,” and then “smart plug-in modules”

There’s a Leviton and a GE on the official “works with SmartThings” list, but I think most manufacturers make one.

And the Linear/GoControl should be available locally at Lowe’s and Home Depot and Best Buy.

So just shop around. :sunglasses: