Plug in dimmer >300 watts? (Incandescent)

I have been searching for hours, does a “smart dimmer” that handles more than 300 watts exist? I’d prefer 500 watts but 400 might get the job done?


The GE Zwave dimmer handles 500 Watts.

(Warning, canadian link)

Thanks, but I’m looking for a plug in summer, not a wall switch.

There are several wall switches that can handle it, and there are lots of plug-in on/off switches that can carry higher loads, but I’m not aware of any plug-in pocket socket dimmers that can go above 300 W in the US.

Any examples of the plug in on/off products? I’m having trouble finding those as well.

Anything that’s called an “appliance module” typically can handle a higher load, usually between 600W and 1800W. ( again, just on/off, no dimming.) There are lots of them. They’re intended for small appliances like a blender or a hairdryer, but work fine with a plug-in lighting fixture. Just check the exact specs on any model that you’re interested in.

Here are some. Look under “lighting,” and then “smart plug-in modules”

There’s a Leviton and a GE on the official “works with SmartThings” list, but I think most manufacturers make one.

And the Linear/GoControl should be available locally at Lowe’s and Home Depot and Best Buy.

So just shop around. :sunglasses: