Matthews Fan Co DC fan with z-wave controller

So I’ve now purchased a Matthews Fan Company ceiling fan; the Patricia ( I’ve looked high and low for the best ceiling fans and they hit the right spot. Unfortunately what I’m running into is that they want you to wire in the fan and use their remote (which is hideous, and I hate remotes). I’ve been using the GE 12730 on the previous fan that was there and it worked great.

The Patricia has a LED light built in that isn’t wired separately. I tried to use the GE 12730 and the light started freaking out so I cut the power and unhooked it. I’m now in the dilemma on whether to buy there terrible “decora wallplate” and try to do do something with that or take the light kit out and try to control it with the GE 12730 fan control.

I’m eventually going to do separate lighting from the fan so I’ll be taking off the light kit from the fan at some point. My main goal is to control the DC fan from z-wave because I can’t go back to turning on/off the fan manually anymore (thanks smartthings!)

Any help/suggestions are much appreciated

Hi Darren,

It’s been a while since you posted your question, which I found today while on a similar quest. Matthews’ “Atlas / Irene” fan range is looking great for me, but they don’t appear to offer any way of interfacing to any home automation platforms.

Did you ever get anywhere?


- Greig.