Matter enabled smart lock

I should have clarified, how my existing Assure 2 deadbolt would adapt. Almost seems like I may need to buy a new one and pop the indoor part off? Seems like a pricy solution though.

Is there older model (which is not and add on form factor), compatible? There literature implies it is not ( Aqara Smart Lock U100, Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock with Apple Home Key, Touchscreen Keypad, Bluetooth Electronic Deadbolt, IP65 Weatherproof, Supports Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google, IFTTT, Gray -

Compatible with Matter? Compatible with SmartThings? Compatible with a UK multipoint lock? Or are you talking about a specific feature like the fingerprint reader? Not sure what you’re asking…:thinking:

There are definitely people using the U100 with SmartThings, as mentioned above. I believe that’s via Matter over Bridge, so you would need to have both a SmartThings/aeotec hub and an aqara hub that works as a matter bridge. In the good news, then the integration would be local.


Sorry, I should have said compatible with ST using the V3 hub and matter. Application is to replace a US deadbolt. So unlike other Matter Integrations, the Agara hub would be required?

At the time of this posting, matter offers three protocol options:

  1. Matter over WiFi. No additional hub required.

  2. Matter over Thread. You must have at least one “thread border router“ in your home. There is one built into the v3 hubs and the Station, but not the V2.

  3. Matter over Bridge. This method allows an end device of a non-matter protocol, typically Zigbee or Bluetooth, to be brought in to a matter setup using a “matter bridge“ device typically provided by the end device manufacturer. Several of the aqara hubs are also matter bridges and can bridge many of their Zigbee devices into matter. The SwitchBot hub 2 is a matter bridge that can bring in many of its Bluetooth devices including its lock. And the Phillips hue hub is a matter bridge that can bring in many of its Zigbee devices, including some third-party Zigbee green power devices which would otherwise not be supported by SmartThings.

Aqara does have a few end devices which are individually certified for matter, typically using thread. But I believe at the time of this posting all of their locks except the U200 require a matter bridge to use matter.

BTW, aqara does have a couple of cameras which have hub capability and also act as matter bridges, if that’s of any interest. You can’t use the Camera function in the SmartThings app, but you can use it in its own app and stream it to an echo device. And it’s an IR blaster. This device is a perfect example of why I’m willing to go outside my existing ecosystem to get some specific features and use case solutions. :cat2:

Correct, U100 with SmartThings requires an Aqara bridge and for that bridge to have Matter bridge functionality enabled. This exposes U100 lock status, tamper status and battery to SmartThings. Lock codes have to be managed in the Aqara app (or Apple Home if you’re using that integration).

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This is helpful to know. So Matter doesn’t fully matter (LOL). But I’m guessing you have to sort of figure this out from the radio method and listed connectability as they don’t explicitly state what approach each device is.using.

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I have the Aqara U200 Smart Lock through the kickstarter.

It is not geared to any particular matter ecosystem it is a matter smart lock end-of.

You do not need the Aqara M3 hub as most settings are through the Aqara Home App when connected by bluetooth. Possibly the M3 is the only way to get some automations.

Users and codes can also be added through HK and ST, not sure about HA.

Euro, US and UK locks are supported.

Apple Homekey, Aqara Nfc and any Mifare Nfc are supported with support for Android Nfc coming soon.

Aqara Home App

ST App

Samsung Wallet


Google Home

Installation and compatibility is shown here