[Matter][EdgeDriver] How to implement unsupported Matter Cluster in EdgeDriver?

Hi, all.

Recently I want to integrate a Matter Light to Smartthings platform.
One of the most important features of my device is “Scene”.

The supported scene list is retrieved by the Matter Actions cluster
But this cluster has not been supported in Smartthings Matter Libraries.

My first question is:
How could I implement unsupported Mater cluster in EdgeDriver ?

For Zigbee Device, I could use cluster_base.build_manufacturer_specific_command and cluster_base.write_manufacturer_specific_attribute to implement unsupported zigbee cluster or attribute.
But I didn’t find any similar APIs in Matter Libraries.

My second question is:
Does the Smartthings App support dynamic UI page changes ?

As I said before, I will retrieve a scene list by operating Action Cluster
The scene list contains multiple scenes (up to 99), each scene should have corresponding control component.

The number of scenes will change because the device supports user customize scene.

A simple flow chart is like this
User customize scene in Third-party App -----> Update Scene List -----> EdgeDriver retrieves Scene List -----> Update Scene List in Smartthings App UI.

I know it’s a bit complicated so I want to confirm if this idea is feasible at the moment : )

Thank you so much !

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You could probably start by looking at the Matter Switch driver. Eve has implemented custom cluster support for their energy report cluster in it


Ahh, got it.

Thank you ~