Matching Lutron Caseta with dumb switches

I just picked up a Lutron Caseta starter kit, which includes a dimmer switch, remote and bridge. I need to install it into a double gang wall box along with an ordinary switch.

My question is, which dumb switches match shape and color? I assume I can get a double gang switch plate from Lutron, but I want the dumb switch to fit it as well as the smart switch does.


It’s the same size as a standard Decora style rocker switch, so it should work with most faceplates. It’s a little flatter. So some people find that it works just fine, some use a spacer behind it, some get the Lutron Claro switch plate which is a little flatter.

These photos are all with the pre-existing faceplates, the Claro design doesn’t have visible screws.


Thanks @JDRoberts much appreciated. Do you know what Decora color matches best?