Lutron Caseta Diva smart dimmer and Claro smart switch (September 2022)

just providing info on new Caseta products - paddle style

The Diva and Claro work with all existing Caséta products — including the Lutron Pico remote to add a second wireless switch or remote control — and the Claro will also work for on-off control of ceiling fans. The switches come in six colors, including white, ivory, and black.


The article is incorrect about three-way operation, however: Caseta switches have always had the option to use a physical traveler wire to a dumb toggle switch as an auxiliary. So that’s not new unless this model is including dimming from a dumb rocker switch. :thinking:

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I love the idea of a smart switch with a mechanical dimmer slider component. Never a fan of press-n-hold dimming.

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Different things work for different people. Or in our household, different dogs. Press and hold is way easier for the service dog. Just sayin’… :wink:


I completely understand! Glad there are more options. Until this model, there were no smart dimmers that my wife could “swipe” both on and full brightness with one motion like she can with physical toggle dimmers. Press-n-hold, Maestro-style toggle dimming and now physical sliders - yay! We hate “classic” Caseta dimming regardless. :wink:

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