Master / Slave light

Hello All !

I am seeking help for a quite simple matter (so I thought)
I have a zigbee light (osram lightify) controlled by a physical switch.
The two other lightify bulbs in this room cannot be controlled by this switch, but I would like them to “copy” the state of the main bulb.
I cannot find any way to do it …

Any ideas :slight_smile:


The Smart Lighting smart app has a mirror function. But the problem is the physical switch. If the bulb is on and you cut power to it, then SmartThings will always see it as on since it no longer has power to communicate it’s state back to the hub.

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Thanks for your prompt answer.
That is the limitation I have … I cannot think of a way to get past this.
I guess I’ll have to buy a connected switch

Connected switch is probably the best option. Another one is hot wire the fixture with the bulb and then put some kind of battery powered button device where the switch is. (You may need to check your local electrical code for that option)

I would recommend a switch. I have almost all the brands out there. They all work great. I would probably go with a inovelli because it gives you the option to turn the relay off and use the switch only to run scenes. So it activates a scene on each button press.

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