Massive battery drain in Multipurpose Sensor (new style, IM6001) since June 25th, 2020 (Firmware version 0x14)

All Multi-Purpose Sensors (IM6001-MPP15) are experiencing massive battery drain since June 25th, 2020.
Some sensors like cellar door change its state only a few times a month while other e.g. motions sensors that don’t experience such drain are activated multiple times a day.
I didn’t have any changes to my infrastructure since March, was there any firmware update on June 25th?
What else could cause such drain?

Attached diagram of reported battery value, you can observe that all “Door” sensors which are IM6001 are experiencing drain while others like motion or leak sensors are fine.

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It does align exactly with firmware update 0x00000014 (Last Updated: 2020-06-25 7:42 PM PDT).
I wonder when Samsung is going to fix this issue and whether they will offer free batteries to affected customers.

More logs from Smartthings web interface:

I have a few of these model multisensors. I changed the battery in one of them a few months ago, and it’s showing a battery level of 99 right now even after the 06-26 firmware update to 0x14. However, the multisensor route shows that it is connected to another Zigbee device (a SmartLight in the same room) instead of directly to the SmartThings Hub which is further away. So it’s LQI is 255 and RSSI is -63.

Yeah distance may play a role, but in another topic, someone mentioned it now reports the temperature in tenths of a degree which would generate 10 times more temperature update events using 10x battery.

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It depends what has been changed to give the tenths. For example the Zigbee library getEvent() method has historically returned integers for temperatures with Aqara temperature sensors, even though the actual values returned by the device have decimal places. So if that method has been ‘fixed’ there would be the same number of reports.

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Actually it depends on the zigbee reporting interval and precision defined in the configure part of the DH.

	configCmds += zigbee.enrollResponse()
	// temperature minReportTime 30 seconds, maxReportTime 5 min. Reporting interval if no activity
	// battery minReport 30 seconds, maxReportTime 6 hrs by default
	if (device.getDataValue("manufacturer") == "Samjin") {
		configCmds += zigbee.configureReporting(zigbee.POWER_CONFIGURATION_CLUSTER, 0x0021, DataType.UINT8, 30, 21600, 0x10)
	} else {
		configCmds += zigbee.batteryConfig()
	configCmds += zigbee.temperatureConfig(30, 300)

See the comments above. The reporting was set before to 0.1 degree changes, but with the built in functions is it not visible anymore.

So the reporting hasn’t changed at all, only the handling of the reported values in the hub or cloud.

@Pawel_El, have you swapped batteries since the firmware update? Just as a side note, a firmware update for a sleepy device would cause a massive battery drain during the update. It takes a quite long time and the device has to be awake for the update.

Put a new battery and check how the consumption changes.

Thanks, batteries are on the way I’ll replace as soon as I get them and report back usage I will also try to hard restart by removing battery one of the devices that still have some battery left