Major battery drain taking place

(Mark B) #1

I have a multi-sensor that I’m only using to monitor temperature that is eating batteries. Case in point - I’ve replaced batteries twice so far & since the last change of fresh batteries two days ago - the battery level currently reads 38%. Any clue as to why a multi placed about 12 feet from my hub is draining the battery so fast? I’ve left off the magnet piece since I’m not using it for open/close situations but just using for temperature monitoring. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it communicating/checking in too frequently with the hub? What’s the fix?

(Im Brian) #2

I’ve had my multi set up for contact, temp and vibration sensing for about a month now. It’s reporting 88% battery life. You may have a faulty battery, bad reporting, something that’s unnecessarily overly-reporting or a faulty device. Between the three things I’m reading from my sensor, I get reports from it roughly every 15 - 20 minutes for some state or another, so unless you see in your log constant hammering, I’d look into one of the other possible causes.

(Eric Schuld) #3

I had one do that as well - support replaced it for me. Contact them at