Marking old architecture topics?

There are a lot of threads which are just too reliant on the old groovy architecture to be helpful now, and which will probably be confusing to people in the future.

Should we archive them in the archive section of the forum?

Delete them all together?

Mark them with a [deprecated] or [pre 2023] or something similar?

I’d hate to see future readers slog through 150 posts that are no longer relevant.

On the other hand, some of the stuff about devices and DTHs could be useful to people creating new edge drivers with that same device.

Any thoughts? :thinking:


I contacted @nayelyz several weeks ago about this topic. Her response:
Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll share it with the internal team to see if we can do this. I think once the complete sunset comes, we’ll have less workload.

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I think archiving groovy based topics is a great idea and will make thing way less confusing.

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Only reason to keep is the great reference for “the other hub” developers. :wink:


Absolutely keep and archive, they will continue to be useful even just for historical reference

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Keep, and mark [pre 2023]

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