Need to be able to edit Trend Setter thread

I wasn’t sure where to post this and not sure how to contact a moderator.

My Trend Setter SmartApp still seems quite popular which is nice but the thread is way out of date and I can’t edit it anymore it also has too many posts for people to go through to find this out the latest info.

Can I please be allowed to edit the post to bring it up to date? At present, some people are installing old code and I’ve now got Github integration sorted out to make things easier, but this is not reflected in the original post.


If it turns out they don’t allow you to edit the thread, I think you can still update the title of the thread (to something like “deprecated”) then start a new one.


Sadly, I can’t even edit the title. There’s normally a pencil next to it if you can but there’s no longer one on the thread I want to change.

They age out eventually, which is frustrating. Because obviously it’s the threads which are most used which are most likely to need editing after a year and a half or whatever.

I don’t know who the assigned forum moderators are anymore, or even if there is one, as @slagle and @jody.albritton have both mostly moved on to other projects. But they may know who to ask now.

(I’m not a moderator and don’t want to be. I would nominate @marktheknife , @Automated_House , @jhamstead , @rontalley , @jkp and @anon36505037 as community candidates just as a few examples of people who are patient and helpful with Newfolk questions if community moderators are needed, but there are a lot of other possibilities as well, and I don’t know if SmartThings wants to go that route.

I’m also assuming @tgauchat would be considered to have a slight conflict of interest, although maybe I’m wrong on that one. Different companies have different internal policies on forum moderation.)


Before posting to this thread I checked the original one, I still see the pencil and I think I can edit the title.

Assuming you meant this thread you started back in 12/2015.

Do you want me to?


I doubt that I am considered a moderator, I’m not as far as I know. But like I said, I believe I can edit the title of the old thread if you want. I assume it’s because my trust level in the forum software is “regular,” but I’m not sure of that.

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@JDRoberts @anon36505037 @marktheknife we are not opposed to having community moderators in fact we have actively been looking at it as a solution. In the mean time we have added many new staff members as moderators and admins. At the end of the day we really want the community to be self-regulating.


Understood, but it appears that @Kriskit doesn’t have the trust level even to edit the title. I am merely offering to do so unless an actual mod wants to take the time to edit/delete the thread.


So who should we tag for Meta questions like this one? :sunglasses:


Just flag them with custom and a note


Or just tag me directly. I read every tag I get.

I still own this community but we are trying to find a better solution as, like @jdroberts, said I don’t put all my focus here right now.


Have you made changes to the Trend Setter smartapp? I ldid we all my github repo connections after migrating my account and haven’t each of them back yet so I wouldn’t see the update. Guess I better go check.