Manually revert device plugin ui

hello, according to this
we can manually have our own ui for each device instead of default one but i have no idea how can i implement this.
I want the old thermostat ui with the slider, i can’t stand the new ui design.
Can anyone tell me exact steps of installing the old plugin for thermostats please? thank you

It is something what you cannot do at the moment. All the UX plugins are controlled by ST.

But if you want, you can contact support and ask for an option to revert back.

Good luck!

who should i contact more precisely?

Depends on which country you are from.

.com or


Good to know!

If you are from the UK and you send one to the .com, then you need to wait a day or so for a reply, which would say, oh you are from the UK we are not supporting you… If you are lucky they would pass the report to the right queue.

i’m from romania but my stuff is running uk freq so i contacted them at hopefully they can revert them for me