Need the old sliders back!

I have some virtual devices that highly rely on the use of several sliders. Since the new slider takes 4 seconds to close (SERIOUSLY!?). This is a joke, really, this new version. Anyone knows if there’s a way to use the old sliders again?


Give up on expecting any improvements (or reversions) in the Classic App.

The new App has an entirely new (and much more powerful) API for specifying the UI of Devices.

Thank you tgauchat!
ok, new app… The one I need a samsung account for? I received emails stating that I’d be notified once my account has been migrated or something like that… so far, nothing. Downloaded the new app, never could I log in with current ST’s credentials. I’m lost here. How hard is the migration, btw? Will I have to rewrite all my smartapps and Virtual Devices?

We all are.

The only official details are at the link below and even those are really just “Beta”, incomplete, and subject to change. Any other public information is unlikely to be reliable.

I suspect that this Community will be deprecated once the new API stabilizes.

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