Determine current Hello Home mode?

OK, I must be blind or stupid today. Where in the iOS app can you see the current Hello Home mode without having to scroll back through the history to find it? Why doesn’t it display at the top of the Dashboard?

If you tap the 3 horizontal parallel lines next to the word Dashboard it scrolls left and you can see and change the mode from there. Not super intuitive.

I never noticed that little tiny line of text. It is REALLY small and not obvious.

Is it not possible to change the mode from this same side menu on the Android app? I see what mode it is in but no option to change. In the Android app I have to tap the comment bubble icon in the upper right corner to change mode.

I don’t think the Android version has this option (yet). I just looked at my Android tablet (that I use to speak all of my push notifications) and it’s not there or at least not in the same spot.

So…I see the spot where it says the current mode. But how to switch it? Seems really counter-intuitive. Should tell you and be switchable from the dashboard.

We used to be able to do it in the mobile app, but now you can’t. However, you can set up a routine or a virtual switch that will change to a specific mode, so that’s how most people do it.

See step five in the following

I made a routine. Thx.

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