Managing Multiple Locations


(Rick Pittser) #1

I’m getting ready to install a hub and a few devices for my daughter’s new house. She is in TX, I am in NC. I would like to be able to manage the setup remotely, and I’m not quite sure how to do that. Can I just add her house as a second location? I don’t want her to have access to my location, but obviously I want her to be able to manage it. I’ve seen a few older conversations on here, but was wondering if maybe a suggested way of doing this was now more well known.

(John) #2

Yes, you can add it as a second location. As for not having access to your location, the granularity of users needed for this ability does not yet exist in ST.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

SmartTiles (browser based Community developed slim front-end) is an option for this scenario because you can create up to 5 Dashboards per Location and the access key is unique to each Dashboard. Thus you can distribute the URIs for specific limited function dashboards as desired … they don’t even have to be Locations under the same Account. PM me for assistance with the concept if this is off-Topic.

(Rick Pittser) #4

Thanks I will follow up when I get the new location created

(Chrisb) #5

I setup my parents with their own account, and then invited myself from their end. I can see everything of theirs and do everything I need to do. But I dont’ think they have access to my home or work locations. Maybe I better check sometime though.

(John) #6

That should work. You can see all locations under the account for which it was created.

(Rick Pittser) #7

Cool, that’s what I’m hoping. I will let everyone know in a couple weeks when I get the new one setup.

(Bret Schaller) #8

Hopefully there’s been enough time since your first post to answer this question. I just setup our animal hospital and I want our employees to have access to turn on/off the alarm mode. I plan to setup another system at home. If my wife is the admin at home and she invites me, and I’m the admin at work and I invite her, will that keep our employees from having access to our home system?