How to add a user with limited locations

I have 4 locations but don’t need my secondary users (family friends) to have access to all. How can I restrict users to specific locations?

You can’t at present. They will have access to all the locations for which you are the admin. See the official multiple user FAQ:

As an alternative, you can use a third-party app, SmartTiles, which is a very popular dashboard. It will work in a browser so it works with most phone iOS. Using smarttiles, I believe you can create up to five different custom dashboards, and you can limit each dashboard to only specific devices. Very popular, for example, with families that have two kids and don’t want one kid to be able to turn off the lights in the other kid’s room. But but I’m not sure exactly what features are available with the current version.

@tgauchat can probably say more. He works for smarttiles.

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Indeed… perhaps slightly ironically, current SmartTiles V5 actually let’s you have up to 5 dashboards per Location (regardless of the number of Locations under your Account)… makes it extra convenient for the user to highly customize for each user of each Location (and, the “admin” user can easily link from one dashboard to another via their URLs, even though currently devices from multiple locations can’t be concurrently visible on one page).

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