Making a remote control webapp

Noob here. I’d like to make a webapp that allows a user to
1.) after a one-time authorization from samsung…
2.) download all their scenes and devices and
3.) activate them, sort of like a remote control for their hub.

Is this possible? I’d prefer an authorization flow for non-technical people (1) that can be entirely launched from my surface (no smart app or settings or linking done from ST app), just a Samsung interstitial login granting access to your devices and scenes. And definitely no IDE or token copy/pasting required for the end user.

A quick check seems that I can do (2) and (3) via REST api’s, but only if a personal access token.

Where do I look for how to do this, especially (1)? Do I need to apply for oauth, or is that for an unrelated device solution?

Hey, @Jason_B

Indeed, OAuth Integrations is the path for the services supporting the OAuth2.0 Code Flow.

Do you have a Raspberry Pi? I’m working on a series that will help you develop a Smart Home Dasboard you can run from a browser.