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Hello Everyone.
I am trying to make a simple(demo) Android application, which will show all available user Smart devices.
I found SmartThings REST API documentation https://smartthings.developer.samsung.com/docs/api-ref/st-api.html#
But this article have only short description about user authentication, it just says that this API uses OAuth 2.0 Bearer Tokens.
So i start to investigate how to OAuth 2.0 is working. And i find out that is need CLIENT_ID and SECRET_ID to pass “OAuth 2.0” and receive authentication token, but i cannot find any information where i can take them for SmartSings authentication.

Where i can take this information.

And if i’m moving in the wrong direction. Please help me to find out how to pass user authentication for SmartThings REST API.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello mrneel,

There are different types of integrations available with the smartthings API, for example:

  • API access,
  • Cloud to Cloud

They both interact with the smartthings cloud through REST, depending on your integration needs, you would like to decide which one suits you more. You can find more info here, it is worth to mention that in order for any developer to perform this type of integrations you need to have an samsung smartthings account and make a request, once you have been approved.

Having said that, if you decide to go the API access route, once approved you will be able to integrate using OAuth, client (your custom app) to server (SmartThings cloud),
In the other hand if you decide to do Cloud to Cloud integration, you will be able to integrate using OAuth, server (SmartThings cloud) to Server (your cloud).

Best regards.

More info on Cloud to Cloud:

  1. st-schema
  2. smartApp

Note: To have access to the API access specific docs (client - server), you request must be approved first.