Make SmartThings Hub send SMS/Text when sensor trigger

Hi, I wonder if it’s possible to connect a 3G/4G USB modem/dongel and make the SmartThing Hub use it to send SMS when a event or sensor trigger? Or is there any other way to make it send SMS. I have today a script that is my SMS gateway, so my Vera post a htt, like this, “http://iptomysmsgate/?sms/phonenumber/message to sent” is it possible to make the Hub do the same posting if a sensor trigger?

I believe CORE can do text. But your description is way over my head. So all I can offer for help is possibly CoRE.

Yes, and it’s much easier than you think. You don’t need a 3/4G dongle, so I’m not sure what you mean by that, but most SmartApps provide some method to send push/sms messages, plus other SmartApps that are dedicated to just sending messages.

Do you have an ST hub right now, or are just wondering how to send messages with ST?

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I bought one today from Amazon, will get it on Tuesday.

I don’t want to depend on internet to send SMS. I want the ST Hub to be able to send SMS even if the internet is down. So that’s the reason I want the ST Hub to send SMS from my own SMS Gateway or even better directly from the ST if I can use my own 3G or 4G USB modem

ST itself can send TXT using notify me when and other apps. It’s sent over the web,

You can do text or push notifications. I set them to notify me when my wife comes or leaves the house so I can check to make sure all the lights went off and door is locked.

Can it be done with its own SMS Gateway?

No, it requires some kind of SmartApp. The USB ports on the back are not enabled right now.

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If you insist on using 3g/4g to send SMS, your only option at this time would be a cellular modem that would come on if your primary ISP goes down, but they would still go out over the internet through ST cloud